Salt and Soil sells prints and products featuring the artwork of Steve “Stivo” Zittel. It is brought to you from the coast of Maine by Steve and his wife Allison.

Steve is an illustrator who has worked a variety of jobs in everything from coffee shops to factories. The one thing that’s remained constant throughout the years is art. He draws nearly continuously, mostly on the backs of flyers, napkins, receipts and any other scrap of paper he can find. Heavily influenced by both the natural world and tradesmen of a bygone era, his work often echoes his love of the woods and the sea. Sometimes the ghosts of old sailors whisper their stories to him and turn up on the paper. In life and in art, his goal is to make other people smile and often times his drawings do just that. He finds inspiration from the working class, antique magazine covers, Sunday morning comic strips and childhood memories of times spent fishing with his Dad.

Allison handles editing, printing, shipping, emails and anything that involves a computer. She scores 50-50 on right-brain/left-brain tests, and as such, has always hovered somewhere between her creative side and her more logical one which can get exhausting. Thank goodness Steve is around to make her laugh and take a break.  Allison has worked in non-profits for most of her career. In her free time she likes to take photos, stare at the ocean and dream about moving to the English countryside.